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ATV & UTV Riding

Potter And Tioga Counties Welcome You To Ride Our Scenic Trails And Take In Our Breathtaking Views.

ATV & UTV Riding In Potter And Tioga Counties

Potter and Tioga Counties welcome you to ride our scenic ATV, Side by Side & UTV trails. Our breathtaking views and fun rides await.

The total ATV pilot miles is:

  • 397 Miles of Township Roads
  • 22 Miles of PennDOT-Administered Roads Newly Open to ATV Use
  • 57 Miles of State Forest Roads and Trails (includes Susquehannock ATV Trail)
  • Total of 476 miles.

Need special permit to ride on DCNR & PennDot Pilot Connectors.

Township roads are open to all ATV’s with general registration.

Please check out our “Know Before you Go” video below.

Susquehannock Atv Trail

The Susquehannock ATV Trail is a 43 mile seasonally operated trail system.

Open the Friday before Memorial Day to the last Full weekend of September.

Regional Atv Trail Connector Pilot

Potter and Tioga Counties are part of the Regional ATV Trail Connector Pilot, providing a unique opportunity for long-distance ATV riding on designated State Forest Trails & Roads, Municipal roads, and specific State Roads connecting riders though a scenic route connecting riders to fuel, restaurants, and local attractions.

Connector Pass Required – Available to purchase at Tioga & Susquehannock Forestry buildings.

ATV, Side By Side & UTV Trails In State Forests



  • Make sure your ATV/UTV is registered with the DCNR
    • Display your registration plate horizontally, where it is easily visible from behind
    • Bring your signed registration card with you on the trail
    • For out-of-state registration, check with your local state office to see if ATV/UTV registration is honored between your state and Pennsylvania
  • Make sure you have liability insurance for your ATV/UTV
    • Bring your proof of insurance with you on the trail
  • Only ATV’s & UTV’s are allowed on the trail, no other off-road vehicles are permitted
  • A Department of Transportation approved helmet is required for all riders
  • Adult supervision is required for riders between the age of 8-15
    • Riders aged 8-9 are required to complete a training course
    • Bring your training course completion certificate on the trail
    • Riders aged 8-9 are limited to a max engine size of 70cc
    • Unlicensed drivers must stay on the trail, they are not permitted on township roads
  • To ensure preparedness for any circumstance, it is recommended to bring the following:
    • A first-aid kit
    • Snacks
    • A tire repair kit
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