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Vacation Rentals

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a hunter’s paradise, or a big place for a family reunion, we’ve got it!

We have vacation rentals for everyone. Our cabins and getaways feature lovely rentals nestled deep in the forest, modern homes close to town, basic accommodations with a fireplace and a view, or luxurious accommodations with all the amenities. Potter and Tioga Counties are your home away from home!

      Back in the Day Guest House

      Back in the Day Guest House, LLC

      7 Bryden Street, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-4474 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Bear Tracks Cabin

      Bear Tracks Cabin

      Rt. 15, Blossburg, PA 610-384-0896 Website


      99 Blair Creek Road, Little Marsh PA 570-677-4756 Website
      Visit Potter Tioga Canyon Country Campground

      Canyon Country Campground

      130 Wilson Road, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-3818 Website

      Cathead Cabin

      490 Jamison Road, Westfield, PA 570-971-6000 Website
      Visit Potter Tioga Christman's Hideaway

      Christman’s Hideaway

      1471 Shumway Hill Road, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-3796 Website


      43 Highwood Circle, Lawrenceville, PA 610-608-6025 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Craig's Log Cabin

      Craig’s Log Cabin

      112 Shady Lane, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-3796 Website


      173 Kelly Road, Wellsboro, PA 570-787-4379 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Member Fountain View Vacation Rentals

      Fountain View Vacation Rentals

      2 Charles Street, Wellsboro, PA 570-439-2840
      Visit Potter-Tioga Great Valley Cabins

      Great Valley Cabins

      5155 US Route 6, Wellsboro, PA 814-433-6100 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Happy Acres Resort

      Happy Acres Resort

      3332 Little Pine Creek Road, Waterville, PA 570-753-8000 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Hoopes Real Estate, LLC.

      Hoopes Real Estate, LLC.

      1002 Empson Road, Ulysses, PA 814-203-2050


      78 Alpine Lane, Galeton, PA 412-482-2716 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA

      Kettle Creek Lodge & Cabins

      1118 Pinehill Road, Cross Fork, PA 814-435-1019 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Miller's Mountain Retreat

      Miller’s Mountain Retreat

      222 Buffalo Street, Coudersport, PA 814-331-3866 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA MVR Vacation Rentals, Inc.

      MVR Vacation Rentals, Inc.

      64 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 570-948-1293 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Ponderosa Cabin

      Ponderosa Cabin

      17 Schoolhouse Lane, Blackwell, PA 814-404-7929 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Potter County Family Campground

      Potter County Family Campground

      3075 E Second Street, Coudersport, PA 814-274-5010 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member Rough Cut Lodge

      Rough Cut Lodge

      2570 Route 6, Gaines, PA 814-435-2192 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member Sauder's Hillside Hideaway

      Sauder’s Hillside Hideaway

      35 Panske Lane, Cedar Run, PA 717-203-2472
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member Sky High Chalet

      Sky High Chalet

      89 Shumway Hill Spur, Wellsboro, PA Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member Snow Drop Inn

      Snow Drop Inn

      418 Costello Road, Austin, PA 814-203-1045
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member Sundance Ridge Lodge

      Sundance Ridge Lodge

      231 Benauer Road, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-5575 Website


      1109 Heise Run Road, Wellsboro, PA 412-482-2716 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member Sweden Valley Cabins

      Sweden Valley Cabins

      1307 E 2nd Street Route 6, Coudersport, PA 814-205-3817 Website


      78 Alpine Lane, Galeton, PA 412-482-2716 Website


      1940 Bryant Road, Mansfield, PA 607-738-2132 Website


      1619 French Hill Road, Middlebury Center, PA 814-258-7690 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member Troyer's Wagon Wheel Cabins

      Troyer’s Wagon Wheel Cabins

      21 Wagonwheel Lane, Renovo, PA 717-667-9154 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member Twin Streams Campground

      Twin Streams Campground

      2143 Route 287, Morris, PA 570-353-7251 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Member Waldhaus Cabin

      Waldhaus Cabin

      80 West Rim Road, Blackwell, PA 814-404-7929 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Member Wild Asaph Cabin Rentals

      Wild Asaph Cabin Rentals

      33 Bear Trail Lane, Wellsboro, PA 570-677-4756 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Logo
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