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Potter and Tioga Counties are home to very unique shopping experiences.

Visit our one-of-a-kind boutiques featuring hand-made gift items, antiques, jewelry, toys, pottery, and hand-fused glass. We also have sporting goods stores offering everything from guns and ammo, outdoor clothing, camping gear, skis and gear, and bicycles and accessories.

We have all your needs covered including, local pharmacies, beer distributors, wineries, souvenirs, and much more!

      Visit Potter-Tioga A Stroll Down Memory Lane

      A Stroll Down Memory Lane

      27 W Main Street, Galeton, PA 16922 814-435-3555
      Visit Potter-Tioga AJ's Outdoor Power Equipment

      AJ’s Outdoor Power Equipment, Inc.

      1699 S. Main Street, Mansfield, PA 570-662-1700 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Black Forest Trading Post & The Deer Park

      Black Forest Trading Post & The Deer Park

      4246 US RT 6 W, Ulysses, PA 814-435-6754 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Blossburg Company Store

      Blossburg Company Store

      224 Main Street, Blossburg, PA 570-638-6313 Website

      Brookfield Maple Products

      111 Plank Road, Westfield, PA 814-367-5284 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Buchanan Brothers Pharmacy, Inc.

      Buchanan Brothers Pharmacy, Inc.

      122 W Main Street, Westfield, PA 814-367-2327 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Member C S Sports

      C S Sports

      81 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-3858 Website
      Visit Potter Tioga Cherry Springs Country Store

      Cherry Springs Country Store

      4477 Cherry Springs Road, Coudersport, PA 814-435-2176

      Dark Skies Fly Fishing

      PO Box 554, Coudersport, PA 724-822-1012 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Draper's Super Bee Apiaries, Inc.

      Draper’s Super Bee Apiaries, Inc.

      32 Avonlea Lane, Millerton, PA 800-233-4273 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Eisenhauer's Tioga County Harley-Davidson

      Eisenhauer’s Tioga County Harley-Davidson

      2911 S. Main Street, Mansfield, PA 570-659-5000 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Forest Edge Gift Shoppe

      Forest Edge Gift Shoppe

      1456 Route 6, Gaines, PA 814-435-2222
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Hauber's Jewelry

      Haubers Jewelry

      115 N. Main Street, Box 270, Coudersport , PA 814-274-9825
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Highland Chocolates

      Highland Chocolates

      82 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-9334 Website

      Liberty Farmers Market

      8586 Route 44, Liberty, PA 570-404-4596
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Linda Stager

      Linda Stager – WRITER-PHOTOGRAPHER

      PO Box 461, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-5527 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Lydia's Country Store

      Lydia’s Country Store

      14 E Main Street, Galeton, PA 814-433-2330
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Mansfield Cider Mill

      Mansfield Cider Mill

      16469 Route 6, Mansfield, PA 570-662-0247
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Martin's Pantry

      Martin’s Pantry

      8571 State Rte 414, Liberty, PA 570-324-2774 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Matthews Motor Company

      Matthews Motor Company

      1856 North Williamson Road, Covington, PA 570-659-5406 Website


      2766 Hills Creek Lake Road, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-7907 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga Member Mountain Graphics

      Mountain Graphics

      4619 US Route 6, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-2687 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Nessmuk's Sporting Goods LTD

      Nessmuk’s Sporting Goods LTD

      1803 Route 287, Morris, PA 570-404-6159 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Omi of the Canyon

      Omi of the Canyon

      4181 Route 660, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-1863
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Oregon Hill Winery

      Oregon Hill Winery

      87 1/2 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 570-353-2711 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Pag-Omar Farms Market

      Pag-Omar Farms Market

      222 Butler Road, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-3333

      Patterson Maple Farms

      119 Patterson Road, Westfield, PA 814-628-3751 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Pine Cone Pottery

      Pine Cone Pottery

      2565 Route 660, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-5234
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Pop's Culture Shoppe

      Pop’s Culture Shoppe

      25 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 570-723-4263 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Potter County Artisan Center

      Potter County Artisan Center

      227 N Main Street, Coudersport , PA 814-274-8165
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Potter County Beverage

      Potter County Beverage

      434 E 2nd Street, Coudersport, PA 814-274-8822 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Potter County Habitat for Humanity

      Potter County Habitat for Humanity

      1423 E 2nd Street, Coudersport, PA 814-320-0466 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member Shutter Homestead

      Shutter Homestead

      2136 Elkhorn Road, Tioga, PA 856-696-2943
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member Stained Glass Reflections

      Stained Glass Reflections

      87 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-1082

      Tackle Shack

      9683 Route 287, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-5138 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member The Farmer's Daughters

      The Farmer’s Daughters

      11719 Route 6, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-1966 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Member The Yellow Basket Gift Shoppe

      The Yellow Basket Gift Shoppe

      2744 PA-660, Wellsboro, PA 570-787-3198
      Visit Potter-Tioga Member Wild Asaph Outfitters

      Wild Asaph Outfitters

      71 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 570-724-5155 Website
      Visit Potter-Tioga PA Logo
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