Colton Point State Park

Colton Point State Park

Hiking: 4 miles of trails
The trails lead to many beautiful vistas and waterfalls, but traverse very rugged terrain, pass close to many steep cliffs, and may have slippery surfaces. Trails are subject to seasonal closure due to snow and ice, usually from December through April.

Caution! Hikers on the Turkey Path Trail should be in good physical condition, wear sturdy boots, and use caution due to slippery/wet conditions and steep trail sections.

The following guidelines will help ensure a safe and enjoyable hiking experience while at the park.

  • Always wear sturdy boots. Wearing sneakers, sandals, water shoes, and "street shoes" can lead to serious accidents in this park.
  • Be prepared. Have proper clothing and equipment (compass, map, matches, water, food, flashlight, etc.) available in case of an emergency. This is especially important when traveling remote trails or when hiking during non-summer seasons.
  • Give yourself plenty of time for your hike. The weather changes quickly in the park. Plan to be off the trails well before dark.
  • Let someone know where you are hiking and when you should return.
  • Stay on the trails. Leaving the trail causes damage to unique natural resources, promotes erosion, and can be dangerous. Stay behind the railings and fences. Avoid the temptation to get on rock overhangs for a better view.
  • Don't take shortcuts from one trail section to another. Taking shortcuts down switchbacks is dangerous and causes trail damage.

Rim Trail:

  • 1 mile, easiest hiking
  • Not to be confused with the West Rim Trail, Rim Trail follows the perimeter of the 'point' and links all of the overlook view areas together into a wonderful and mostly flat hike.

Turkey Path:

  • 3 miles round trip, difficult hiking
  • This difficult trail descends 1.5 miles to the floor of the canyon.
  • The highlight is a 70-foot cascading waterfall less than 0.5 mile down.
  • The lowest parts of the trail are along a series of waterfalls.
  • It is a down and back trail.
  • There is no bridge across Pine Creek at the bottom.